Sívac Records 1004CD


1  Miniature No. 9

2  Ornette  

3  Point In

4  Unity Works

5  Water Hawk

6  Season of the Clay Rustlers

7  When We Come Back  

8  Shine  

9  Lotus Days

10  Soundbox

11  Dream of the Canary

12  East of the Viewing Fields

13  Land Carvings  

John Ehlis  acoustic guitar, mandolin & bamboo flute

Sylvain Leroux  flute, tambin & chromatic tambin

Sana Nagano  violin & voice

Eloisa Manera  violin

Amalia Lopez Chueca  cello 

Mikko Innanen  alto & baritone saxophones

Yasuno Katsuki  euphonium

Karl Berger  piano & vibraphone

Max Johnson  bass

Kresten Osgood  drums

Chris White III  drums & percussion

Glen Fittin  percussion

"So much passion and beautiful and great music you wrote."   Pierre Dørge 


Sívac Records 1003CD

Along the Way

1  Mayan Canoe

2  Turning East

3  Shadow Chasing

4  Multicolored Bridge

5  Mbira Chant

6  Flying Hills

7  DC  

8  Five Moving Up

9  Dixon Lines

10  New Ballad

11  African Trains

12  Krysta

John Ehlis  acoustic guitar

Mazz Swift  violin

Rob Henke  trumpet

Erik Lawrence  alto & soprano saxophones

John Tchicai   tenor saxophone

Matt McDonald  electric guitar

David Phillips  acoustic bass

Benny Koonyevsky  drums

Hector Morales  drums & percussion

Glen Fittin  percussion

Chris White III  percussion

“... the sound palette is extraordinarily beautiful, all of its and the tracks with John (Tchicai) blend seamlessly.”  Garrison Fewell


Sívac Records 1002CD


1  Sana, Sana

2  Cosmic Soup

3  Escuintla

4  Flap Jacket

5  D.C.

6  Sana Mañana

7  Sana de la Noche  

8    Path of Hope

9  Thumbalina

10  The Whistler


John Ehlis  acoustic & electric guitar, mbira, ocarina & percussion

David Lofton  electric guitar & guitar synthesizer  

Jon Birdsong  cornet, alto horn, bamboo flute & percussion

John Tchicai  tenor sax, bass ocarina & voice

Chuck Ehlis  electric bass, slide guitar & thwackoleum 

Ray McNamara  drums & percussion

Dave Mihaly  drums, percussion & clay flute

Horacio Altan  percussion, ocarina & voice

Denise Fraga  voice

"Even through the music is sometimes dark, there is an energy, a sense of joy that permeates it. You can tell that this is a working band and not just a studio project. Highly recommended."  Michael Bettine - All About Jazz 


Sívac Records 1001CD

John Ehlis Ensemble

1  Scene One

2  Hand Signals

3  Miss Dolores

4  Bird Boy

5  Malinyea

6  Yes, I Know

7  Day into Night  

8  Anfora

9  Meeting on the Dot  

John Tchicai  tenor & soprano sax

Markus Hawkins  violin & voice

Mark Wyman  piano

John Ehlis  guitar

David Lofton  guitar

Derek Jones  bass

Jeremy Brooks  drums

Aaron Johnston  percussion

"The John Ehlis Ensemble is an atypical set of musicians who have embraced at least three distinctly different jazz motifs without conflicting the results." Jeff Melton - Expose