"In This Lifetime" 1004cd

"…you can breath an air that we might define as folk-chamber, softly singable, descriptive, venturing toward contemporary abstractions, or with more jittery passages when traversing the territory clearly belonging to jazz." Alberto Bazzurro - Musica Jazz

"Along the Way" 1003cd

" This whole album is quite lovely. Search it out – well worth your time."  Robert Rusch -  Papatamus 

"San Carlos" 1002cd

"Guitarist John Ehlis’ recording San Carlosis a rarity... a guitar led date where the guitarist isn’t the dominant voice."  Robert Iannapollo - Cadence Magazine

"John Ehlis Ensemble" 1001cd

"John Ehlis is uninterested in the beat-to-death bop style of playing, preferring instead to veer toward the extremes of simple folklike themes such as “Scene One” or wacko improvisation like “Hand Signals”.  Dave McElfresh - California Jazz  Now

Upcoming Releases

Look for a new release in 2019 with Thomas Heberer, Yaskuno Katsuki, John Ehlis, Scott Hogan, Glen Fittin & others.